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KZŁ agreement with Enea Serwis

LOTOS Group, the Polish Post, Polish Television, Enea Serwis and  Kolejowe Zakłady Łączności signed on 20 April at the Ministry of Energy agreements on joint actions for the development of electromobility.

The ceremony was attended by: Minister of energy - Krzysztof Tchórzewski and deputy ministers: of energy - Michał Kurtyka, Investment and Development - Andżelika Możdżanowska, Infrastructure - Marek Chodkiewicz, as well as Presidents of: LOTOS Group - Mateusz A. Bonca, TVP SA - Jacek Kurski, Polish Post - Przemysław Sypniewski, Enea Serwis - Sławomir Bielecki, PKP Informatyka - Tomasz Miszczuk and of Kolejowe Zakłady Łączności - Krzysztof Magierowski.

The purpose of the signed documents is to develop electromobility and strengthen cooperation between companies in this area. The companies will support each other in activities aimed at increasing the efficiency of their vehicle fleets, by introducing alternative fuel vehicles and creating infrastructure for them.

As assured by the Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski, the development of electromobility is one of the priorities of the Ministry from the first days of its establishment. - It is an opportunity to strengthen the Polish automotive industry, as well as to increase the competitiveness of the domestic energy sector. In addition, the wider use of alternative fuels in transport will contribute not only to improving air quality and noise reduction in cities, but also to reducing our country's dependence on oil imports - he stressed - I am glad that other ministries and State Treasury companies are also actively involved in this program, which was effectively supervised by Deputy Minister Michał Kurtyka. In connection with this commitment, I no longer hope, but I am sure that this the most modern type of transport in the world will be implemented in Poland in a wide scale soon - he assessed.

The agreements signed today open the possibility of increasing the involvement and tightening cooperation of Polish companies in the zero-emission transport segment, which may contribute to the emergence of synergy effects and help in creating solutions that are competitive to foreign products. We have shown more than once that it is the Polish economy, these are Polish entrepreneurs that can be not only European - but even global technological leaders such as in the area of production and sale of electric buses or in the production of drones - said Deputy Minister of Investment and Development, Andżelika Możdżanowska..

The letter of intent between Grupa LOTOS and Telewizja Polska assumes the development of a business model that will allow creating of charging infrastructure for electric cars used by TVP. The companies also plan to introduce common rules for the promotion and commercial use of infrastructure for users of electric vehicles.

- From the very beginning, Telewizja Polska closely monitors the development of Polish technologies, supporting them and providing extensive information support in their programs. The development of electromobility is a step towards a better future for our country, ourselves and our children. Seeing the potential of the venture and the deep need for change, enabling the improvement of air quality and noise reduction, especially in urban agglomerations, we are proud to join this pioneering and unique project. We want to show that it is worth, that you can and encourage others with our example. It is an honour to be able to take part in such an important and innovative process - commented TVP President Jacek Kurski.

- Within the framework of its strategy until 2022, Grupa LOTOS, indicated the development of innovative projects for low-emission transport and alternative fuels as one of its priorities. We have an ambitious plan to become the national leader in the implementation of new generation fuels. Later this year, we plan to launch a pilot project for charging electric vehicles on the Tri-City-Warsaw route, on the A1 and A2 motorways. The cooperation with Poczta Polska and Telewizja Polska initiated today is aimed at finding business synergies that support the development of low-emission transport in Poland – said Mateusz A. Bonca, acting as President of Grupa LOTOS SA – It is worth remembering that alternative fuels are also hydrogen, CNG and LNG, which is why LOTOS is working in parallel on a project to purify, refuel, distribute and sell high quality hydrogen for public transport in Gdynia or Wejherowo. In addition, together with PGNiG, Gaz-System and Remontowa LNG Systems, we cooperate in three independent projects to increase the use of LNG in maritime shipping in the Baltic Sea.



However, a letter of intent between Grupa LOTOS and Poczta Polska assumes that LOTOS will conduct research to improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleet by introducing vehicles powered by alternative fuels. Cooperation also assumes the development of devices necessary for the proper use of this type of vehicles.

- Poczta Polska is not only a company dealing in postal and courier services, it is also a company with a mission, involved in cooperation for the development of the state and important governmental initiatives. As a company present in Poland for 460 years, it looks forward to the future and not only adapts to technological changes, but also innovatively approaches topics such as electromobility. It wants to be present in the group of creators of these changes in our country - assured the deputy minister of infrastructure Marek Chodkiewicz.

- Few entities use logistic or IT solutions on a scale comparable to Poczta Polska. We have over 7,5 thousand branches, we are present in every municipality, even where there are no other state institutions. As the designated operator, Poczta Polska wants to not only deliver parcels, but also to take care of the clean environment, so together with Lotos we will cooperate for the development of electromobility. – informed the President of the Management Board of Poczta Polska, Przemysław Sypniewski.

On November 14, 2017, Enea Serwis and Kolejowe Zakłady Łączności signed a letter of intent, which in turn resulted in the signing of a cooperation agreement. The document provides for cooperation in the distribution and assembly of electric vehicle charging stations and training for employees.

- The investment in electromobility is part of the strategic development plans of both our country and Enea. We are an innovative company, which is why we focus on the most modern solutions and offer them to our Clients. Enea actively participates in activities for the development and construction of e-mobility infrastructure in Poland. Electromobility is in fact one of the areas that will affect the future shape of the electricity market - said Mirosław Kowalik, the president of Enea.

- We are convinced that our mutual cooperation will ensure a significant increase in the availability of charging points, which is part of the national electromobility program. We want future drivers using electric cars in the area of Enea Operator to be able to cross main communication routes using the infrastructure based on the charging points provided by KZŁ and Enea Serwis – declared Sławomir Szczot, vice president for development at Enea Serwis.

- KZŁ Bydgoszcz is an innovative company with many years of experience in creating advanced systems of dynamic passenger information, dispatcher communication systems, ticket and parking systems. We have recently designed and started the production of ecoMOTO electric vehicle charging stations in a wall-mounted and free-standing version. We hope that cooperation with a partner such as Enea Serwis will contribute to the rapid development of charging points in accordance with the government's policy of electromobility – said Krzysztof Magierowski, President of the Management Board of KZŁ Bydgoszcz.

- The fact that Kolejowe Zakłady Łączności in Bydgoszcz - a company of the PKP Informatyka Group - is actively involved in the process of developing electromobility in Poland is something obvious. The railway has been synonymous with modernity since the beginning of its existence, and with the electrification of railways, it has become an ecological means of transport. I trust that the potential and experience of KZŁ Bydgoszcz and PKP Informatyka will be used in the ongoing electromobilism revolution - added the president of PKP Informatyka Tomasz Miszczuk.


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